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You don’t know what you don’t know.

Content is often the last thing people think of when building a website, but it’s the part you should think about most. After all, it’s what people come to a website for. (That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?)

People say web writing is different, but how?

This page explains some of reasons why content people can get a little worked up at times.

(Oh, and if you’re a word geek, check out our Word of the Day page for inspiration for your next insult!)

Don’t separate a subject from its verb

See this simple sentence: The dog bit the cat. It's built of these basic bits: The dog [subject] bit [verb] the cat [object]. You would never dream of putting a comma after the subject and before the verb: The dog, bit the cat. [No. You wouldn't do this, would you?] But when the subject is a longer noun phrase, many people (I catch myself sometimes) will want to add a comma after the subject, just it feels like there should be a pause...

Sentences that can’t be passive voice

There are certain sentences that simply cannot be rephrased in passive voice. Again, I'm not talking about a vibe... It's a grammatical thing. Consider this: Active: He is going to become an editor. Try and [...]

Active vs passive voice

If you've ever been to a plain English or web-writing course, or read any of the 'how-tos', or the 'please-don'ts' on the subject, you would be aware, that generally, the imperative is: write in active voice!

Hypercorrection: Me, myself and I

Today, an email passed in front of my eyes. It was sent by an Important Person to the whole of a large organisation. The tone was conversational, but with an air of gravitas. Please be [...]