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You don’t know what you don’t know.

Content is often the last thing people think of when building a website, but it’s the part you should think about most. After all, it’s what people come to a website for. (That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?)

People say web writing is different, but how?

This page explains some of reasons why content people can get a little worked up at times.

(Oh, and if you’re a word geek, check out our Word of the Day page for inspiration for your next insult!)

Sentences that can’t be passive voice

There are certain sentences that simply cannot be rephrased in passive voice. Again, I'm not talking about a vibe... It's a grammatical thing. Consider this: Active: He is going to become an editor. Try and [...]

Active vs passive voice

If you've ever been to a plain English or web-writing course, or read any of the 'how-tos', or the 'please-don'ts' on the subject, you would be aware, that generally, the imperative is: write in active voice!

Hypercorrection: Me, myself and I

Today, an email passed in front of my eyes. It was sent by an Important Person to the whole of a large organisation. The tone was conversational, but with an air of gravitas. Please be [...]

Apostrophes, and how not to use them

Apostrophes: The punctuation mark most likely to freak out the grammatically obsessive compulsive. Some of us have learned to block out excessive exclamation marks, deal with over-earnest ellipses… come to terms with Tenuous Title Case, [...]