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Welcome to our growing collection of obscure, yet useful, words of the day!

Commit these to memory to become the life of the party, while others gather around, swooning with delight at your witty, erudite banter.

Or perhaps use them to craft creative insults for your geeky friends… (It’s ok; this is a safe place!)

Word of the Day: Filibuster

Definition: Act obstructively in a legislative assembly (Parliament), especially by speaking at inordinate length. Stuff I find interesting (even if no one else does): Australian parliamentary rules mean that a filibuster is difficult to pull off [...]

Word of the Day: Sangfroid

Definition: Composure or coolness shown in danger or under trying circumstances. Sometimes spelled ‘sang-froid’. In French, it literally means ‘cold blood’—English borrowed the word in the 18th century. I think I first read this word [...]

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