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Welcome to our growing collection of obscure, yet useful, words of the day!

Commit these to memory to become the life of the party, while others gather around, swooning with delight at your witty, erudite banter.

Or perhaps use them to craft creative insults for your geeky friends… (It’s ok; this is a safe place!)

Word of the Day: Misology

Definition: a hatred of reason. A distrust of logical debate. Going far beyond plain old cognitive dissonance—the holding of conflicting viewpoints—misology seems to be quite popular.

(Little Squeak’s) Word of the Day: Car

Definition: A road vehicle, typically with four wheels powered by an internal-combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people. Using Little Squeak logic, everything from a Lamborghini to Lego on wheels is a [...]

Word of the Day: Anchor

Definition: A heavy object attached to a cable or chain and used to moor a ship to the sea bottom. According to some, this is the only Latin nautical term to make it into Germanic [...]

Word of the Day: Cenatory

Definition: Pertaining to dinner. All the official definitions of this word talk about Romans wearing cenatory garments. If you wanted to tell someone else about what Romans wore when they ate dinner, it's pronounced 'se-na-tur-e' In [...]

Word of the Day: Flabelliform

Definition: Shaped like a fan. Today, a tin of beetroot decided to leap out of my hands and make a flabelliform stain on my white dress*. I knew I hated the stuff. ** * This didn't [...]