1. A period of paid leave granted to a university teacher for study or travel, traditionally 1 year for every 7 years worked.
  2. Of or pertaining to the Sabbath (archaic).

So we’ve been pretty quiet lately. It’s because we were on sabbatical.

Yep, I’ve used more sick leave this month than I have used in 7 years.

(Sabbaticals extend to everyone these days, right?)

We travelled to 2 hospitals in 1 night because the Squeak couldn’t breathe. I tried not to cough all over the nurses or fall out of my chair. The period between 4am and 6am felt like a year.

Then the Squeak had a vegemite break.

And then I studied some Squeak vomit.

And then it was the Sabbath.

Now, we are better. Sort of.