Today is Pi Day.

You might have come across π at school—π is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, or 3.14159265359… and so on until infinity.

Maths hurt my brain—I couldn’t understand numbers at the best of times. And I stopped being able to cope when I encountered equations that had only letters in it. But some people love it.

They love it enough to make a day. Pi Day is on 14 March—if you’re American, that is 3/14. Today.

(Just a reminder: Pi is 3.141592…)

Last year, it was 3/14/15 and that blew everyone’s minds…

Pi is pretty cool. You learn a lot about circles, how to sail a boat with a tiger in it, and infinity. It definitely deserves a party.

The festivities include:

  1. baking pies
  2. pie crawls
  3. a pi-reciting contest.

There is some controversy over point 3.

Some people don’t like it—it ‘doesn’t capture the essence of pi-ish-ness’.

(Actually, can someone please explain it to me?)

Here’s to irrational numbers—and lots of dominoes: Happy Pi Day!