We’re based in Brisbane, Australia, but happy to travel or work remotely.

We have a small core team, but have an extensive network of editors and web professionals, allowing us to scale up as needed.

Rory DalyDirector
Rory has a Master of Arts in Writing, Editing and Publishing and was editor-in-chief for the Queensland Government’s QGov Online Program. He worked with the team to create a Single Website Experience (SWE), implementing a franchise model for all government information and services—with customer-centric structure and language, published under a common look and feel. He developed the style guide used across Queensland Government, and has trained hundreds of content writers and editors in plain English, web writing and usability.

Rory also worked as a product manager, looking after the Queensland Government Data and Publications portals, SWE template and much more.

He is experienced in editing technical and academic publications and worked as an English teacher in Korea and China for 5 years.

In his spare time, Rory writes music, grows chillis, and makes chilli sauce that stops time.

Rory in a suit, early in the morning, trying not to look cheesy
Mrinalini (Minnie) Daly
Minnie has a Master of Public and International Law degree—with an environmental and human rights focus—and is particularly interested in rewriting legal content into plain English. With this policy background, she has rewritten and restructured content for Queensland government tax websites, and volunteered to rewrite legal centre publications.

Minnie also has a Bachelor of Science (major in Psychology) and can transfer these skills to suit technical and scientific content. She understands how to maintain the academic style without sacrificing readability.

Although Minnie does not have an encyclopedic knowledge of anything [RD: Nonsense!], she used to work in a bookshop in her spare time. This has at least given her some knowledge of encyclopedias.

Minnie, early in the morning, standing on the street