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Not all feedback is equal—what to include and what to ignore

Quite a while back, we had a client who wanted a large document structurally edited and turned into plainer English. They’d already had the original content through several rounds of feedback, and had a graphic designer lay it out in Indesign. And then they realised it wasn’t a very good document. We were sent the [...]

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Word of the Day: Akratic

Definition: Characterised by weakness of will resulting in action against one's better judgement. Should you watch just one more episode of Game of Thrones before bed, or have that extra piece of pie? Probably not. Drug addicts, gamblers, hedge fund managers. You and me. We’re all akratic, to varying degrees. We’re all swimming through a [...]

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Literacy, numeracy and internet ability in Australia

Measuring the right amount of medicine, filling out a form or finding something on the internet. Did you know that almost half of the adult population would have trouble doing that kind of thing?

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