Do your documents stand up to scrutiny?

Do your documents struggle for clarity and a single voice? Are you using 3 times as many words as you need to seed your message?

Your documents need a purpose, and it starts with identifying exactly who your audience is, and the action you want them to take.

‘Information sharing’ is not a communication plan. What do you want your readers to do?

Whether you’re just starting this journey, or are near the end and need the finishing touches, we can help.

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What people are saying

[Rory’s]… grasp of the English language is the best I have ever seen. He worked with me on 2 challenging projects, and I relied on his expertise heavily; he always surpassed my expectations.

— Traci B, Project/Program Director

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How we can help

(Just some of the editorial services we can provide…)


We’ll thoroughly check your documents for grammatical mistakes and formatting issues that can sap your credibility, damage your message, and erode trust.


We can help you make your corporate documents—including annual reports, policy papers and factsheets—clear and accessible for your stakeholders.

Why choose us?

  • You tap into our many years of experience working on thousands of pages of public and private sector documents.
  • We’re highly qualified, and experienced with a very broad range of subject matter, from scientific and tech content, through to public policy, and can help you simplify without changing meaning.
  • We take deadlines seriously, and will do what needs to be done to deliver on time.
  • We also have extensive training experience, and if desired, can work with you in-house to embed these skills in your organisation.
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Looking for other writing, editing or web content strategy services?

We do that too.

Are your customers struggling with dense, complex content on your website?

Learn how to write clear, trustworthy words that win.

Sick of death by PowerPoint? We have a cure.

Learn how to inspire your audience to action.

Engagement. Persuasion. Conversion. We can write words that will get read and inspire trust.

Whether promotional or instructional, we make it easy.

Are you looking for the right person to drive content change in your organisation?

We know a guy.