In 1993, I was in Year 10. I had pretty much worked out who I was, and what I wanted to be.

I would wear Doc Martins, black jeans, a black rock-band T-shirt and a flannelette shirt open at the front with the sleeves rolled up. I knew what was important. And I knew anyone past their early 20s was way out of touch…

One of my favourite shirts was my Led Zeppelin one; you know, this one:

Led Zeppelin t-shirt graphic—Flying man


Led Zeppelin IV, an album I listened to a lot, was released in November 1971.

Or, 22 years before I was wandering around wearing my T-shirt, looking cool as fuck, trying to keep my hair out of my eyes.

I was rocking some Rage Against The Machine in the car the other day, and Minnie pointed out that the album was 23 years old.

Nirvana’s Nevermind was released in 1991, 24 years ago… (So, when you see teenagers walking around in Nirvana shirts, this is for them what Led Zeppelin was for me…)

Guns and Roses’ Appetite For Destruction was released in 1987! That’s closer to the 1950s than to the current day. Yes, Guns and Roses is now ‘dad music’.

(I’d just like to say: all of these bands still make regular appearances in my playlists, because they rock. Will anyone be listening to Bieber in 25 years?)

Update: Oh, and here’s some of that dad music…