Christmas carols aren’t about Christmas

Happy New Year, everyone! Guess what? Christmas is over and we don’t have to sing about it anymore. Not that any of the usual suspects mention the word. Instead, there is the decking of halls, jingling of bells and converging of ye faithful. Activities that could happen at any time of the year—and are less [...]

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Indian English: Preponing the tiffin

India has a lot of languages—according to a 2001 census, there were 29 different languages in India that had at least a million native speakers each. The official language is Hindi—but English in India is a rich variant in its own right.

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Australian English—where the bloody hell did it come from?

How do we explain the general homogeneity of the Australian accent (almost no variation in a country 30 times the size of Britain)? What is Australian English, anyway? (Is it more than just the accent?) This post explores these questions, and influences on Australian English—from colonial times to present day.

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