An accessibility issue often overlooked: Grade level readability

There’s this thing called the WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. They set out all the good things you need to do to make your content accessible for people with disability, people including those with vision impairment (an estimated 300,000 in Australia alone), and also people with other kinds of disability, such as cognitive or motor [...]

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Bad UX: mixed language content

My mother-in-law gave me a seed sprouter, because I mentioned that hers was a nice design. So now I (Minnie) have grown some fenugreek sprouts. Pretty tasty. The instructions, however, are rubbish. No-one seems to have thought about the person who would actually be reading them. They're broken up into multiple sections, with each of those [...]

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Writing good error messages

To my ever-expanding frustration, and general astonishment (to which my wife expresses a weary kind of amazement: why are you so surprised, you know it does that...), things never seem to go entirely smoothly. (And if they do, I'm left with a trepidatious feeling that things in fact haven't gone smoothly,  and that I just [...]

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