I was in a meeting trying to plan a thing. There were whiteboards. Paper spread around a big table. It was very serious.

There was a rumble from outside. Even through the double-glazed windows, the approaching weather could be heard.

‘… content models…’, they contended.

‘…information architecture … user experience…’

It was an exercise in sheer willpower not to run to the window, and press my face against it to try and see, maybe even taste, the coming storm.

‘Yes’, I said. ‘We definitely need to consider that.’

Then a shadow passed over us. The ambient light was turned down a notch.

‘Grrrraaaaahhhhh-frug-frug-frug…’, said the storm.

My eyeballs twitched, and all I could think of was electricity and words associated with rain.

Nebulous. Pluvial. Precipitation.

‘Let’s go up to the roof and have a look, shall we?’

This is what we saw.